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ISBN: 978-9978-36-915-9
Páginas: 98
Tipos de pasta: Dura
Tamaño: 15 cm x 15 cm

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Fernando Espinosa Chauvin

Edición Impresa

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As I walked through the walls of the ancient city, Dubrovnik provoked inside me many sensations. With the passage of time, I attempted to capture those feelings in this book, which is at once a proposition, a search as well as a photographic essay.

The city with its textures and history can set the visitor’s pace as it did for me. It is a walled town with neither army nor king; always a place of curiosity, beauty, mystery and desire. Dubrovnik was a point of balance between the West and the East a gateway to a place of magic, which provocatively transports the visitor through time...


Once called “the pearl of the Adriatic” by poet Lord Byron, Dubrovnik is an exotic walled city lying on the coast of the sparkling Adriatic Sea at the tip of an isthmus in southern Croatia, part of what was once the Republic of Yugoslavia. With its mild winters and hot dry summers, colorful history astounding architecture, Dubrovnik with its red-tiled roofs is a sun-drenched magnet for tourists that pour into town through its own international airport several cruise lines and a network of local bus transportation. The settlement was founded on a rocky island named Laus (nowadays the South part of the city), which provided them shelter from Slavic and Avars attacks. The name Laus -- in Latin “the rock” -- gradually changed to Lausium -- Rausium -- Ragusium -- Ragusa and until the 15th century was used to refer to the city.
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